Private Sound Alchemy Sessions

Sound Alchemy Healing Sessions dive deep into the medicinal properties of rhythm and resonance. Their purpose is to cultivate healing + harmony within the physical, energetic and emotional body as well as to hold space for deep listening and communion with your highest essence…

We begin with a initial intake + conversation to help us determine the most beneficial approach in relation to what you have going on. 

In a session, sound is used as a tool to clear blocked/stale energy and then replenished with positive, wholesome vibrations.

I use sound healing instruments such as quarts crystal singing bowls, bells, gongs, drum and medicine melody, along with alchemical tuning forks which I place on certain energy centers of the body and work much like acupuncture to clear the bodily channels so energy can flow more freely.

My method also integrates an intuitive blend of of bodywork, Reiki, guided visualization, breath work, essential oils and crystals.

Every session also includes a rattle aura and angel tuner cleanse + vocal toning body scan.  

*Ayurvedic lifestyle sessions include individual constitutional assessment (prakruti) and explore personal lifestyle choices such as nutrition and daily activities including yoga asana, (posture) pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditations to embrace and harmonize with one's own unique nature.

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