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I am a song and sound healing artist from Los Angeles. My contribution utilizes the amazing power of sound to cultivate connection, healing, receptivity and transformation.

Through public workshops, apprenticeships, workplace programs, monthly sound ceremonies, seasonal happenings and private sessions, I empower individuals, companies and communities to create connection, health and harmony within themselves and surroundings. 

Drawing from 12 years of experience in the healing arts, I honor the philosophies of our wise traditions while utilizing these very teachings to sensitively and playfully engage in a genuine call and response with my environment. My aim is to inspire myself and others to navigate life with graceful integrity while holding sacred space for transformation at the heart of every offering.

I spent the first part of my career as a touring and performance artist. This taught me the way of communicating with others through artistic expression. I further developed my style as an inspirational speaker teaching yoga and meditation in studios, public schools, and wellness centers in NYC and Los Angeles. I now explore the bridge between ritual and performance art, guiding group experiences that strengthen collective intuition and embody conscious community.

Aside from the healing arts, I support ocean conservation with beach clean ups, marine conservation watches, and generate awareness as advocate for Mission Blue and public speaker for Heal The Bay.   

My deepest desire is to be in a practice of continual growth, cherish nature's movements as proof of magic, and to share the love with all my relations. xo