"La Mer is a divine channel. I truly appreciate her existence and efforts to nurture the blessings of life. There is a gentle perfection in her care and generosity.  I am always delighted to be in her presence. I also appreciate her ability to listen and hear me on a level that is not always received or understood by the majority of  people in my daily encounters."    Ashla Estrada, Designer, Mother

“La Mer reminds us that Heaven is on Earth. She resides somewhere between the ethers and the deep blue sea. Her classes are unlike any other. She will take you on a journey…a kind of waking dream from which you emerge renewed, dare I say...reborn.” Melissa Rue Bentley, Mother, Singer/Songwriter

I recently experienced profound change in my life that was able to happen thanks to deep journeying I experienced with La Mer. She guided me to a place where I was able to release heavy emotions and finally step into a space of forgiveness. For anyone looking for a different form of emotional cleansing, you won't be disappointed!” Charles Copoloff, Business Owner

La Mer is a unique woman who manages to use her intuitive nature and keen senses to connect with everyone she comes into contact with. I always leave her presence with a dopey smile”     Gabrielle Wohlwend, Mother, Business Owner

“La Mer is a special kind of magic. She combines her deep knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, music, and the spiritual arts with her natural intuition of what’s going on in the world, or with an individual, to create an experience that is rare to find.”     Lauren Cucinotta, Director of Marketing Maven Women’s Clinic

"La Mer's voice has the spirit which can connect all people in all languages..."    Bruce Lerner, Financial Investor, Father

"When I met her, I instantly loved her aura. Her gentle guiding and healing touch helped me to understand that I can work on healing at my pace, while bringing into awareness that clearing the emotions, old feelings and objects from my body and space will help to unblock my own aura that desires to be free to enjoy life again.  Getting in tune with my space was part one of my healing. Part two of the session included Reiki and Chakra Healing which incorporated my own crystals. It was comforting to lay down in my own space.  This part of the session was both relaxing and energizing at the same time. Working with breath and following the sound of her voice and touch to move energy through my body helped to unlock deep rooted emotions so that healing could begin. My favorite part was the sound healing. La Mer's beautiful voice is hypnotic and calming.  When she began making her bowls sing, it was fascinating. I could hear a multitude of different tones, some in the right ear and more in the left that melded together at the top of my head which then resonated throughout my body. My vibration seemed to raise to match the sounds I was being bathed in...After the session was over I remained in a deeply relaxed state for hours. That night when I fell asleep, I was able to relax in a way that I had not been able to in several years. I awoke refreshed with the ability to move and had a renewed desire to let go of what no longer served me and clear my space even if it is one tiny baby step at a time. I Love La Mer!     Helen Douglass, Operations Manager

“I attribute a large part of my overall mental, physical, and spiritual health during and after my pregnancy to La Mer’s classes. The experience she provides is both physically challenging and spiritually nourishing. She goes above and beyond to ensure a safe yoga practice for all women.”                                    Daniela Simunovic, Mother, Social Worker

“When I met La Mer I realized the true implications of a meditation practice. Her classes have been a form of religion to me. Time spent practicing in her presence is like church…my senses are awakened, my body stretches open, and I remember the meaning of things again…its truly sublime! I highly recommend La Mer, not only for her guidance and knowledge of yoga, meditation and sound, but mostly for her ocean soul and fairy like heart, which she gives so freely to her students each and every session.” -Sherry Cousins, Film Director

“Her voice will put you in a trance and make you wish you’d never have to wake up from it...”       Brenda Nolan, Mother, Advertising Executive

“I want to have coffee with her every day of my life.”     Poeta Asher, Events Coordinater

“She has taught me the way into the soul and spirit.”     Susana Lozano, Teacher

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