Reiki Attunements

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Rei – spiritual or sacred

Ki – primal life energy/force of the universe that flows through all living beings

Reiki attunements are a formal initiation into the Usui Reiki healing lineage. During a Reiki Attunement, the crown, heart and palm chakras open and align what is already within you. Upon receiving an Attunement, you become a channel for Reiki energy.

My attunement process includes a history of Reiki’s origins, breath work, sound healing and Reiki exchange along with the actual attunement.

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What does Reiki do?

Reiki guides our body’s innate ability to restore harmony and balance with itself. Balance means different things at different times… if you are tired, Reiki will energize. If you are anxious, Reiki will bring a sense of peace. If you are stressed and rigid, Reiki will sooth and soften. Reiki meets you where you are and supports you from that space. It has something to offer everyone and is strengthened by trust and breath. Reiki has the ability to heal and invigorate the mind, body and spirit with the universal life force. It deepens connection to our innate healing power, increases our vitality, supports our nervous system and enhances our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. It can be used as a powerful tool to heal and connect with our true loving nature. All healers and creators use life force energy, however not all use Reiki. Only someone attuned to Reiki uses Reiki.

There are four attunements in Reiki:

  • Reiki I is an initiation into the Usui Reiki healing lineage and offers symbols that attune with the physical body.

  • Reiki II offers symbols that work with distance healing and attune with the subtle body.

  • Reiki III is considered mastery level and offers symbols that attune with healing at the root cause.

  • Reiki Master Teacher offers the process of attuning others into the Reiki Usui Lineage.

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