Indigo Eye Pillow

Indigo Eye Pillow


These beautiful eye pillows are made with organic cotton and filled with homegrown organic French lavender and/or organic flax seeds.

The front cover is made with organic, natural dyes. The blue color comes from a slow fermentation of botanical indigo. The tied fabric creates beautiful random patterns, so each eye pillow is completely unique.

These one of a kind eye pillows are a co-creation with French artist Dyeing2meetU. They are perfect for use during sound bathing ceremonies, helping to rest the eyes, open the ears, and expand consciousness! French lavender’s soothing scent cools and calms, while the soft pressure of flax seeds relaxes the eye muscles and surrounding area.

These make perfect gifts for yourself or a loved one:)

*They can be heated or used at room temperature

*Dimension: approx 9X4 inches

*The cover is removable and washable

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