Tuning Fork

Tuning Fork


The measured frequency of Ohm is based on the elliptical orbit of Earth as it travels around the Sun.  Ohm is an elemental earth tone representing a yearly cycle characterized by the rhythmic flow of the seasons, lunar cycles, and the pulse of day and night.  

Our fluid bodies are ideal conductors and resonators of sound.  Unstressed vibration activates the natural life force (Qi, Prana) flowing through us...

Use Ohm tuning fork as a healing tool ground, ease pain, support the immune system, and stimulate the body's overall healing process.  Apply to sore muscles such as the neck and shoulders and jaw to help relieve clenching and tension headaches. This effective and portable tool can also relieve symptoms from sinus and chest congestion from colds and allergies, and as aid tin releasing blockages of any kind.  

Resonating with this tone through the application of Ohm tuning forks positively affects our biological rhythms and circadian clock.  It allows us to sync with natural cycles which in turn, enable us to find and create balance and healing.

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Ohm Therapeutics is a vibrational healing system featuring the earth tone of Ohm.  Recommended applications provide a holistic treatment for both the  physical and energetic body.