Bath Ritual Sea Salts

Bath Ritual Sea Salts


Ritual bathing is one of the most powerful ways to clear our physical and energetic body. My hand crafted salts are a sublime tool for creating your own blissful bath ritual.

Sourced from the Pacific ocean off the west coast of North America, these natural, solar evaporated salts + home dried flowers pair perfectly with warm water and candlelight.

Each bottle comes with directions + inspiration to create your own personalized incantation as well as a secret link to a 30 minute bath time soundscape to further infuse the mood with warm love resonance.

Size: 3.5oz (perfect for a single use)

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Some Notes:

  • Bath crystals are charged in a heart chakra F singing bowl.

  • Flowers/herbs include rose petals, marigolds, lavender, orange peel, and more!

  • Salt draws out toxins from the tissues through the skin, relieves muscular aches and improves circulation.

  • Bath ritual has been used for thousands of years by people from all over the world to purify, clear, and honor the sacredness of life.