New Moon Mysticism

Capricorn collage  (January).jpg

new moon in capricorn 1/16/18

The first new moon of 2018 appears in the Capricorn constellation and begins a progressive transition toward the Eastern Lunar New Year the following cycle.   Capricorn's sea-goat symbol dwells upon over 4000 years of mythology, with early representation as Enki, the Sumerian Sea God of wisdom, magic, and incantations who waters earth with both spiritual and economical abundance by the use of knowledge, arts and crafts. 
The Greeks identified the goat-horned creature with Pan, God of wild-earth and companion to the nymphs, whose spirits animate the world,  while Chinese connect the dots into an earthly Ox within the northern sky. 💫
The sea-goat's steady determination combined  with the intuitive fluidity of a fish shows us how to utilize our instinctually creative nature as a guide toward earthly aspirations.
Tomorrow's new moon sound ceremony infuses this steadfast earth sign with the abundantly flowing nature of its mythic roots. The following preparations serve to clarify and affirm our earthly commitments so we may be ready to receive vibrations that support us throughout the upcoming cycle. 


Meditations to prepare for New Moon in Capricorn:

Describe a personal or professional vision you want to manifest this year.

Write one word or short phrase that aligns with this vision.

Did you see the full moon on January 1?  Go outside tonight and find the tiny sliver of light on the eve of the shadow moon. ✨

Aquarius Collage (February).jpg

New Moon in Aquarius 2/15/18

Aquarius invites the colorful and visionary aspects of our conscious collective to unify and rise up as we move toward Lunar New Year and Spring Equinox the following month.

The celestial cup-carrier can be found pouring elixir of life into the mouth of Pisces, (fish) accompanied by other water related constellations such as Cetus, (whale) Delphinus, (dolphin) and Eridanus (the river) in what is known as the “sea section” of our celestial sphere.  

Ancient Egypt associated spring awakening with Aquarius, whose vessel dipped into the Nile to bestow abundance each vernal season, while Babylonian astronomers identified the constellation with Ea, God of abundant life, who is often portrayed with an abounding chalice.

Although Greek myth portrays Aquarius as male protege of sky God Zeus, the water bearer is represented as a compassionate embodiment of Goddess’s supreme form throughout history, culture and legend.  Depictions of Kuan Yin, Mary, Yemaya, and even the Star in foundational Tarot all converge within water messenger’s stream. 

The collaborative and progressive nature of this free-flowing air sign inspirits our creative potential, while the vessel symbolizes a nurturance of the internal process as vital to liberation.

Awakening our true stelliform and sharing wisdom with others first requires an experience of unity from within.  To be an effective advocate in the Aquarian Age we must value the ways of intimacy and nourish our journey into Self.  
Aquarius’s cup running over is an expression of giving from the overflow; offerings made from a wholesome place create beautiful rhythms that lead us into harmony and understanding.   To truly live our purpose we must nourish our souls and serve from the overflow with love.  <3


Preparations/Musings for New Moon in Aquarius:

Fill Your Cup: brew up your favorite tea or warm drink and slowly savor every part of the experience as an expression of warm nourishment.

Nourish Your Inward Journey: write yourself a positive word/mantra/phrase/poem that will support your direction into the new moon cycle. Place this writing on your altar and cherish its intimacy.

Serve from the Overflow: make an offering to someone without expecting anything in return. It can be as simple as offering your presence, or perhaps buying someone you love flowers! ✨

Pisces March 2018.jpg

new moon in Pisces 3/17/18

Vernal season's warm affection is endowed by the curious and gentle sentiment of stellar fish duo Pisces, symbol of the 12th and final house of the Western Zodiac. This compassionate and sweet-tempered water sign possesses an innate empathy that reverberates with the tender soul of our wild world.

The dual experience of heightened receptivity is symbolized in the two fish, often depicted swimming in opposite directions with intertwined tails. Intuitive guidance does not always translate clearly on the physical plane and has potential to conflict with practical ambition. We must continue to remember that we are the map makers of our world and possess power to dream up and create fresh pathways of integration.   

This kind of progress requires an ability to challenge resistance with great strength and sensitivity. Learning to embody the flow with a readiness to progress against the common current is a major theme of the coming phase. 

March's shadow moon cultivates the will to channel creative insight into devoted action without being led astray. Saturday's sound bath will journey into all aspects of the rebirthing process, from darkened soil to sounds of seedtime.


Preparations For New Moon in Pisces:

Write down one dream/vision you are ready to manifest this spring. 
Define healthy resistance in your own words. How do you challenge yourself to evolve? What growing pains are you experiencing in the face of change? Is there anything you are ready to let go of in order to make room for new life? 
Spring cleaning ritual :) Put on some mood music and clear your personal space/ altar on the morning of the new moon. Then place some fresh flowers on your altar and light a candle to honor spring's awakening. ✨