Audio Incantations

She Who Heals

This audio incantation sparks inspiration from the creative fire of Leo Season + Eighth Clan Mother of the Universal Medicine Wheel, She Who Heals. Keeper of the cycles of life, death + regeneration in all forms, She Who Heals teaches us how to see beyond the illusion of finality and release fear of change by learning to approach endings as doorways to new creation.

This composition offers a balanced blend of cooling and warming tones including: synodic moon gong, E crystal tones to attune with the sun and fire element, D crystal tones to attune with the tides and the water element + tibetan bells, bowls, and many other magical textures:)

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

1. Headphones

2. Scent: Marjoram, Linden, Lavender, Cinnamon

3. Create space to sit or recline comfortably. Give yourself a moment to bring awareness into your body with a few slow, deep, breaths, exhaling with a soft "Ra" (the seed sound that connects us to the fire element) on the exhales ...close your eyes...and allow the sounds to guide you into new rites of passage...

4. Spread the love by sharing your impressions on my youtube channel... xo

Incantation: I attune with the illuminating forces of the sun and moon, igniting my capacity to nourish new creation. Pure potential dwells inside me, waiting to warm the world with love all ways.

Meredith Barko