Audio Incantations


July’s audio incantation draws inspiration from Loves All Things, Keeper of the seventh cycle of the Universal Medicine Wheel. A Guide of Great Compassion, this Clan Mother's medicine nurtures our navigation through cancer’s emotional waters and the mutable mood of eclipse season...

Loves All Things invites us to reclaim our rich internal resources by surrendering cynicism, judgement and blame towards others so there is room to embrace the human experience with greater compassion. Through empathy we learn to forgive, heal, and reach out to serve life again.

*The vocals are a combination of heart opening tones + invocations to Green Tara, Mother Buddha and Tibetan Goddess of unconditional love.

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

1. Headphones

2. Scent: rose

3. Create space to recline comfortably. Give yourself a moment to bring awareness into your chest with a few slow, deep, breaths, exhaling with a soft "ahh" (the vowel tone that resonates the heart) on the exhales ...close your eyes...and allow the sounds to carry you home.

4. Spread the love by sharing your impressions on my youtube channel. xo

I face my shadow with a tender heart, and a willingness to not know, let go, and return home to myself. I reclaim my rich internal resources by surrendering judgement and blame, making room to cultivate greater compassion for all my relations. May empathy guide me into forgiveness and healing so I can reach out to life with unconditional love.

Meredith Barko