Audio Incantations


June's dreamtime incantation is a lullaby inspired by Storyteller, Sixth Clan Mother of the medicine wheel. As Guardian of Oral Tradition, Storyteller offers lessons of eternal truth through myth and song. She also teaches growth through laughter by infusing humor into her medicine stories...

Tension and judgement dissolve when we remember not to take ourselves too seriously. By diffusing potentially destructive situations with the high spirit of humor, we bring light into the heaviness of this world.

This recording contains a lullaby that was taught to me by Deyanira Almanza. I recommend listening at night before bed to inspire sweet dreams:)

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

  1. Headphones

  2. Scent: geranium, clary sage

  3. Create space to recline comfortably. Give yourself a moment to ground awareness into your body with a few slow, deep, breaths, exhaling through your voice on the exhales ...close your eyes...and allow the sounds carry you into dreams. xo

  4. Spread the love by sharing your impressions on my youtube channel xo

Storyteller's affirmation:

Today I will remember not to take myself too seriously. Today I choose to greet all that feels heavy and chaotic with levity and repose. Warmth is invoked with my smile... so today I will make sure to share a grin with a stranger, co-worker, or friend. The lightness of being lives in laughter, so today I will allow humor to lighten the burden of my tender heart.

Meredith Barko