Audio Incantations

Listening Woman

May's audio incantations are inspired by the resonant reflections of Listening Woman, fifth Clan Mother of the medicine wheel. Her color is ebony, symbolizing profound contemplation and uninhibited space to seek answers from within.

Listening Woman teaches us how to hear the truth inside our hearts, as well as our ears. A Gatekeeper of introspection + inner knowing, her mindful medicine helps us suspend self judgement in order to process complex emotions so we can move with the wild waves of life. Carefully observing expressions, movements and feelings of others before offering advice or interjecting personal opinions about another being's journey, Listening Woman instills the art of listening through empathy and compassionate understanding.

*This recording contains tones to lift and expand. I recommend listening in the morning or afternoon.

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

  1. Headphones

  2. Scent: geranium, lemongrass, vetiver

  3. Create space to sit or recline comfortably. Give yourself a moment to ground awareness into your body with a few slow, deep, breaths... ...close your eyes...and let the sounds carry you home:)

  4. Once you have completed the recording take a moment in silence to give thanks to the universe for your existence.

  5. Feel free to repeat the affirmation with me at the beginning or read it to yourself at the end:

I use this time to listen, breathe, and take notice of how my soul is moving in this moment. I let down my guard, and soften, once again, into the life that has chosen me. I welcome what is, what comes, and what wants to be heard within. Love is listening.

Meredith Barko