Audio Incantations

Weighs The Truth

March’s audio incantation is inspired by the unhindered perceptions of Weighs the Truth, Third Clan Mother of the medicine wheel. A true Deva of discernment, Weighs the Truth teaches the value of slowing down to notice details + distinctions that cultivate a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves and one another. Her color is earthy brown, symbolizing the rich soil that gives birth to new life.

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

  1. Headphones (The low bowl tones will not be heard through phone or computer speakers)

  2. Scent: AM: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Basil / PM: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Pachouli,

  3. Begin by laying down to face the earth, using your palms as a pillow to rest your head. Offer a few long, slow breaths into the earth, sighing out through your voice on the exhales. Once your nervous system has calmed a bit, turn over to recline comfortably on your back with your arms placed wherever feels most natural and begin the audio incantation.

  4. Once you have completed the meditation take a moment in silence to give thanks to the universe for your existence.

  5. Feel free to repeat the affirmation with me at the beginning or read it to yourself at the end...

I bring awareness into my body through breath, claiming space for nourishment and communion with the grounding pulse of Mother Earth. I slow down to digest details and distinctions that cultivate a comprehensive perspective, entraining with rhythms that expand my point of view. I embrace the unknown with calm curiosity, welcoming change and seeking clarity with unconditional love. May my thoughts, words and actions be guided by reverence for the One breath breathing us all.

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Meredith Barko