Audio Incantations

Wisdom Keeper

February's audio incantations draw inspiration from Wisdom Keeper, Second Clan Mother of the medicine wheel. Guardian of planetary memory, Protectress of sacred traditions and Defender of free will, this month's moon muse reminds us how to honor the truth within every form of Life. Her color is grey, representing neutrality and common understanding.

“Wisdom Keeper teaches us that the expansive view of the Planetary Family is key to self development and that the road to wisdom is through is experience. She shows us how to honor the truth in every race, creed, culture, life form, Tribe and Traditions by seeing the similarities in all.” -Jamie Sams

Wisdom Keeper’s affirmation + medicine melody call upon the wisdom of truth gathered from personal and collective experience:

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

  1. Headphones

  2. Scent: AM: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint / PM: Neroli, Geranium, Chamomile

  3. Find a quiet place to sit or lay comfortably. Direct palms to face upward so your body language expresses receptivity to the wisdom around and within you.

  4. Once you have completed the meditation take a moment in silence to give thanks to the universe for your existence.

  5. Feel free to repeat the affirmation with me at the beginning or read it to yourself at the end...

Ancient knowing lives within me. I create space to connect daily with the natural wisdom that comes from integrating my life experience into the present moment. I design divine timing through trust in my process. I fulfill my destiny by developing my abilities and using them to support my path to wholeness. I choose to experience life as a gift, and remember to carry this awareness through confusion, challenge and even crisis. I embrace obstacles as opportunities for self development. By walking my path and living my Truth I draw in people and animals who would benefit from all I have to offer. I am ready and willing to share my gifts with all who ask and want to listen. I claim no ownership over my Knowing System and respect the infinite, intertwining Truths of every race, creed, culture, life form, tribe + tradition. I reverberate with love.

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Meredith Barko