Audio Incantations

Web Weaver

This cycle's audio incantation draws inspiration from Libra Season's dynamic demeanor + Web Weaver, Guardian of the Creative Force and Clan Mother of the tenth moon's Medicine Wheel. May these sounds offer resonant room to embrace your creative process and engage generously with the heart of harvest season…

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

1. Headphones

2. Scent: frankincense, lavender

3. Create space to recline comfortably. Give yourself a moment to ground awareness into your body with a few slow, deep, breaths, exhaling through your voice on the exhales ...close your eyes...and allow the sounds carry you into the heart of harvest season...

4. Spread the love by sharing your impressions on my youtube channel xo

Feel free to chant the seed mantras offered during the first 5 minutes out loud or internally:

Om ~ universal mantra offered to open and clear the mind
Aīm ~ wisdom, creative insight, motivation
Hrīm ~ warmth, heart centered awareness
Klīm ~ divine attraction, true devotion

Meredith Barko