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New Moon in Virgo 9/9/18

September’s shadow moon falls at 17 degrees of Virgo on the eve of Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah. Virgo's devotional nature united with the contemplative energy of timeworn traditions initiate an introspective healing journey of personal transformation where time is given to reflect, reawaken, and return home to the heart.

Ingrained in the promise of a better world and genuine desire to do the work, virtuous star maiden Virgo serves to renew our inner will and awaken divine aspiration.  An earth sign ruled by Mercury, planetary symbol of learning and communication, Virgo's grounding nature compels thoughtful engagement, stimulating education, mobilization, and practical service to Mother Earth.

Ancient Babylonian grain goddess Nidoba is believed to be the first representation of Virgo, often depicted holding a spike of harvest corn in her hand. Commonly translated as "virgin", the Latin definition of virgo is in fact "self contained"...  With mythical associations to numerous life-giving deities of harvest and fertility such as Egyptian Isis, Babylonian Ishtar, Roman Ceres, and GreekDemeter, Virgo instinctively supports the infrastructure of personal growth, reminding us of our innate, self sustaining power.

The actual size of this celestial harvest goddess is beyond human perception. The largest star sign in our Zodiac and second largest in the observable sky, Virgo comprises the autumnal equinox point, at least 20 stars with planets, as well as the Virgo Galaxy Cluster, a massive group of thousands of galaxies inside a larger cluster of galaxies called the Virgo Super Cluster, which our own Milky Way is a part of! 🕸Behold the expanding web of creation in every woman!🕸
Sunday's gathering recognizes this transcendent consciousness through cosmic sound... 

Join me on a soul full song journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other musical instruments. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.   All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon September 9:

  • Clearing:  What are you ready to let go of? 

  • Invoking:  Create an affirmation to guide the new cycle, something simple to assist in activating sentiments you wish to manifest during the seasonal transition.

  • Honoring:  Make a contribution of your time, skills, or other resources to an environmental issue that concerns you....educate, donate, spread the word! 
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Meredith Barko