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New Moon in Taurus 5/15/18

Rooted in the greenery of Taurus season, May’s new moon provides a rich undercurrent for patient, pleasurable growth. A true voice of reason within rising temperatures, terra-firma Taurus is a hearty role model for the upcoming cycle, invoking steadfast willpower to fortify our connection with the grounding force.

Taurus is located within the second section of the western zodiac. This House of Possessions is where we connect with our livelihood, finances, and ability to create security and stability within the material world. The 17th largest constellation in our sky, Taurus contains five stars with planets in their orbits. Red Star Aldebaran, eye of the bull, is over 500 times as luminous as the sun!

The grounding nature of this earth infused star sign is endowed with portals to unexplored galaxies. Even a faint glimpse into the infinite invites us to loosen our grip on outdated structures so we may be free to create and experience comfort within the ebb and flow of life. 

Welcoming the power of change while remaining embodied is one of the great joys of maturation. This ofcourse, takes time + trust in the process. Venus, Taurus’s ruling planet, presents a sweet invitation to reaffirm our growth practice through self-love rituals, carving out space to confidently communicate core beliefs with simple, unified expressions of body, heart, and mind.

Determined desire is a gift of the upcoming cycle, yet even the most dominating forces are destined to jangle with the ever-evolving currencies shaking up our reality. As we continue to re-define and re-create the substance of value in an ever-expanding world, let us remain true to promises worth keeping by honoring our truly existing treasures with loving attention and gratitude.

Tuesday’s gathering holds space for rooted expansion through song, silence, and sound. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of resonance on the first day of a new revolution. All are welcome!

Preparations for New Moon
In Taurus:

  • What existing relationship (with yourself, a partner, professional situation, even an object) deserves your attention? Describe a few clear, attainable ways you can nurture this relationship throughout the upcoming cycle.

  • What situations in your life could benefit from and be supported by a steady routine? What existing routines need refining or releasing?

  • Let your bare feet touch the earth, and spend a few moments here. Channel the grounding force of nature with steady, slow breathing.

Meredith Barko