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New Moon in Scorpio 11/7/18

On November 7th at 8:01am PST, the shadow moon tide draws us into the mysterious waters of Scorpio, occult symbol of emotional intensity, passionate complexity, and pure, transformative power.🌪

Found in the  8th house of sexuality, death and rebirth, Scorpio attracts an alchemistic underworld where we are free to commune with the undiluted power of our primal nature and tap into the visceral forces that beckon evolution.

A willingness to witness the wild complexities of our ego-driven desire is integral when releasing outworn thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from realizing the changes we are ready to create. Yet we must remain awake in the dark!  Transcendence can easily lead to disillusion, distraction and inaction when we get lost in our own pain and processing... 

Goddess Kali, multidimensional force of liberation within the Hindu pantheon + death deity of Scorpio's mystic realm, is the supreme expression of conflicting impulses that both bind and free us from delusion and fear.  Destroyer of ignorance and slaughterer of ego driven desire, Kali shows up to smash boundaries and worn out structures when it is time to make room for new life.  

Kali is the face of wrath + righteous anger that continues to rise up against those who perpetuate ignorance, injustice and suffering upon the innocent. She is the uncontrollable hurricanes that continue to ravage through the Atlantic and the battleground of every bloody rebellion throughout our planet. 

Kali's shadow, when corrupted by unprocessed trauma on personal and collective levels, is expressed as the destructive rage unleashed through violent outbursts, unimaginable acts of terror and passive aggressive digs that hit us where it hurts the most.  As my teacher Sally Kempton points out, "Women, as we know, have suppressed their power for thousands of years, becoming masters of passive aggression and vicarious backstage manipulation.  So the process of finding and harnessing that energy in ourselves is fraught with missteps.  We don't always know how to separate the transformative anger that can stand against injustice from the rage of the wounded feminine, which all of us, whether we know it or not, hold in our cells."

Yet underneath Kali's merciless and multifaceted intensity lies an unconditional love that is ready to carry us through the shadows. The approaching cycle invites us to surrender fear and misguided desires into the dark night, where boundaries dissolve and the truth of who we are becoming can be fully embraced. ✨

Wednesday's new moon sound ceremony will guide us though the hidden realms of Kali's fertile void and into the threshold of new beginnings... Join me for a fierce and loving sound journey composed with crystal quartz singing bowls, medicine melody, bells, chimes, gong, drum + a very special guest musician and healer:) New moon sound ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon in Scorpio:

  • Use Scorpio's 8th house as a safe space for shadow work.  What ego driven desires and repressed emotions are misguiding your path?  What gets in the way of connecting with and being guided by your  highest essence?  What are you ready to let go of in order to embrace who you are becoming?

  • Contemplation by Sally Kempton: Consider the ways in which Kali's complex intensity shows up in your personality.   How has her energy empowered your behavior?  How has she inspired you to push the edge, in both negative and positive ways?  

  • Distill the qualities you are ready to invoke this cycle into one sentence, or even one word.  Write it down and place it on your altar, desktop, or dashboard.  Return to it every day as a guide through the season of thanks and giving.

Meredith Barko