Audio Incantations

New Moon in Sagittarius 12/6/18

Arriving at 11:20pm on December 6 at 15º of Sagittarius,  the final dark moon of 2018 brings a renewal of faith in the timing of our lives and appreciation for obstacles we have endured (or have yet to overcome) as essential teachings along our path to wholeness. 

Sagittarius' steady fire lends an enthusiastic and high spirited vibe to the cycle ahead, infusing a curious confidence toward  our daily actions and aspirations.  Located in the 9th house of philosophy and adventure, the  eager archer's desire to expand through higher learning encourages mindful exploration beyond the borders of our comfort zone. 

The centaur constellation is located inside a bright star cluster with its bow and arrow pointing toward an invisible black hole at the galactic center of our Milky Way...
 It's difficult to keep both eyes steady on a hidden target.  It's easy to get caught up in the cataclysms at large.  It's impossible to remain grounded without a continual commitment to personal growth. It's important to balance individual aspirations with simple acts of creativity and community service.

This Thursday's gathering offers space to speak truth, anchor presence, summon desire + tend to our communal fire.  Join me for a warm and simple sound journey composed with crystal quartz singing bowls, medicine melody, bells, chimes, gong, drum and other musical instruments. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome!  

Preparations for New Moon in Sagittarius:

  • Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planetary symbol of expansion, faith, positivity and supreme awareness. What places and people renew your faith in life and love? What habitual contractions prevent your expansion? Create a simple, positive affirmation to repeat each morning throughout the upcoming cycle.

  • What are you ready to surrender to the fire?  What are you ready to summon?  Explore these questions in writing.

  • Light a candle in the dark and practice steady fire gazing for 5-15 minutes.  Once you have completed the meditation, take a few moments to digest the teachings of the flame.

Meredith Barko