Audio Incantations

New Moon in Libra 10/8/18

October’s new moon falls in the sign of Libra, keeper of scales. A strong symbol of balance and cooperation, Libra’s diplomatic demeanor draws attention toward circumstances and behaviors that bring our internal rhythms in and out of equilibrium.  One of the reasons musical medicine can be so potent is because it engages directly with these perceptions, awakening our senses and directing awareness toward the interplay of frequencies within and around us. 

Sound’s intrinsic power teaches us how to listen with our entire being... a carrier of subtle and radical change within our cellular, emotional and energetic bodies, resonance  reveals valuable information about the ways we resist and receive, bringing us into direct relationship with the multifaceted journey of healing and transformation.
It is a great challenge to achieve balance in a world that doesn’t always reflect it back to us.   When we become overwhelmed by the weight of the world’s discord, let us remember to remind ourselves what an extraordinary accomplishment it is to remain embodied and available to tend to our tenderness alongside a society that often devalues life and perpetuates separation.  

Airy Libra’s natural ability to lovingly embrace the duality within All animates a compelling symphony of peace and power, endearing the phase ahead with room to renovate our state of mind and space to infuse our destiny with dynamic energy and exquisite flavor. ✨

Monday’s gathering dives into these sentiments through song and sound: Join me for a fierce and gentle musical journey composed with crystal quartz singing bowls, medicine melody, bells, chimes, gong, drum, and other musical instruments. New moon sound ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon in Libra:

  • Libra’s Seventh House of Partnerships emphasizes the quality of devotion we bring toward our relations with others: Take time to consider the state of your intimate and professional relationships.  What calls for tending, revising, releasing?  What contracts need to be freed or fulfilled in order to make room for growth? What solid actions can be made to improve the quality of union within your marriage, business, friendship or any partnership  in your life?

  • Identify a conflict that could benefit from a new point of view. Utilize Libra’s innate versatility to release limiting beliefs and make rooom to explore the other side of the coin with an open mind. Then, write a letter to yourself from this alternate perspective, convicing the old version of you to percieve new understanding about who you are becoming.

  • Libra is ruled by Mother Earth’s sister planet Venus, who stations retrograde just a few days before the new moon. While beautiful Venus’s outward expression engages with the pleasurable and romantic aspects of love and relationships, her retrograde side draws us to the root of discord within our partnerships, guiding us through the necessary growing pains that lead to greater understanding. When you notice yourself holding your tongue, running away, or resisting the urge to communicate through conflict, instead take a breather, lay down your sword, and find the space for listening and communicating on a deeper level.  

Meredith Barko