Audio Incantations

New Moon in Leo 8/11/18

August 11 ushers a warm shadow moon and partial solar eclipse at 19 degrees of Leo.  One of the brightest and most clearly recognizable star signs in our solar system, heartfelt Leo's radiant character befits it's brazenly regal emblem, asserting this new phase with enterprising possibilities for rich  inner development.

Denoting a low key interlude in the midst of record breaking temperatures, the final eclipse of 2018 allocates a time of cutting the frills before fall. 

Distilled within earth's changeable form is an unwavering force that speaks to the very ground of our being.  Here we gather the will to witness where we've been, who we have become, what we are ready to build and bring to light.

A time to courageously step forward and share our gifts with the world, the flaming roar of lion season offers a shimmering moment for undiluted desires to be confidently expressed.

Yet well founded determination knows how to skillfully adapt in any circumstance, shifting tempo and technique to ensure the desired mark is made.  Have you ever observed a lioness perform for her pride? The quest is slow and smooth until perfect timing and postion are secured. 

The Lion's Gateway, a celestial event occurring on August 8th, is marked by a straight positioning between Earth, Sirius (the brightest star in our sky) and our Galactic Center.  Aligning us with the focal point of the illimitable Milky Way, this sound arrangement is one worth tuning into...

Sunday's new moon sound ceremony sings to the centermost  space that dissolves into light. Join me on a starry sound journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other musical instruments.  New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome!

Preparations for New Moon in Leo:

  • Define courage in your own words.   

  • Take a few moments in the morning during the Lions Gateway on  8/8  to meditate on our alignment with the Galactic Center.  Breath into the heightened spirit of the moment, allowing your undiluted desires to be confidently expressed.

  • What wants to be released in the coming days to make room to resonate and commune with the heartfelt energy of Leo season?  What are you ready to build and bring to light?

Meredith Barko