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New Moon in Capricorn 1/16/18

The first new moon of 2018 appears in the Capricorn constellation and begins a progressive transition toward the Eastern Lunar New Year the following cycle.   Capricorn's sea-goat symbol dwells upon over 4000 years of mythology, with early representation as Enki, the Sumerian Sea God of wisdom, magic, and incantations who waters earth with both spiritual and economical abundance by the use of knowledge, arts and crafts. 
The Greeks identified the goat-horned creature with Pan, God of wild-earth and companion to the nymphs, whose spirits animate the world,  while Chinese connect the dots into an earthly Ox within the northern sky. 💫
The sea-goat's steady determination combined  with the intuitive fluidity of a fish shows us how to utilize our instinctually creative nature as a guide toward earthly aspirations.
Tomorrow's new moon sound ceremony infuses this steadfast earth sign with the abundantly flowing nature of its mythic roots. The following preparations serve to clarify and affirm our earthly commitments so we may be ready to receive vibrations that support us throughout the upcoming cycle. 


Preparations for New Moon in Capricorn:

  • Describe a personal or professional vision you want to manifest this year.

  • Write one word or short phrase that aligns with this vision.

  • Did you see the full moon on January 1?  Go outside tonight and find the tiny sliver of light on the eve of the shadow moon.

Meredith Barko