Audio Incantations

New Moon in Aries 4/15/18

Sunday evening’s new moon welcomes the illuminating powers of golden ram Aries, first of the western Zodiac’s twelve-star symbols. The adventurous and energetic nature of this emboldened fire sign ignites the creative impulse of vernal season, bestowing clarity and confidence to manifest visions with loving, affirmative action. Ram also happens to be the bija mantra or seed syllable of fire, as well as the sound associated with manipura chakra, energetic wheel of the subtle body associated with activation and clear vision.

While vernal equinox arises in Pisces, many astronomers and astrologers refer to the birth of spring as the First Point of Aries. More than two millennia ago our Sun crossed the equator in Aries and was named the Prince of the Zodiac due to its conjunction with the light of the earth. First Point of Aries is also the cusp of Pisces and this balance point of Right Ascension of Meridian (RAM) is the mark of spring renewal!

Hebrew astronomy identifies Aries as the Lamb of The World or Lamb of God. The Sun’s entrance into Aries is also akin to the rebirth of Jesus, whom the Bible often refers to as Lamb of God. From an inclusive perspective, the Son of God is the Sun itself; both represent the light of truth and pure love that leads us to lasting transformation.

Across the equator, Indigenous Peruvian astronomy named the constellation Market Moonto signal the annual harvest festival.   In Greek legend Aries is connected with one of our earliest adaptations of the hero’s journey, in which rightful king Jason ventures into an unknown world to attain a golden ram’s fleece guarded by a dragon.

The process of spring cleaning rarely happens in a day and often requires an unearthing of the uncomfortable. Confronting wild dragons, skeletons in the closet and unsound relations are all necessary as we learn how to let go and fall in love all over again.

Sunday’s new moon sound ceremony carries the torch of transformation with spirit rhythms, radiant resonance, and fire chants! Join me on an empowering sound journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other instruments.

Meredith Barko