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Inspiration: The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

The medicine wheel of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers is based on the creed of “Life, Unity, and Equality for Eternity. I am learning from the writings and interpretations of Jamie Sams, member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, who was taught by her Kiowa Grandmother Wisdom Keepers. Jamie writes:

“The Thirteen Clan Mothers are the Mothers of all races and represent the healing potential present on our planet. The Knowing Systems they represent are the foundations of Truth that show us how to nurture humankind’s dream of achieving wholeness…This legacy is not from one particular Tribe or Nation…it is gathered from all places and belongs to all the Children Of The Earth…These Medicine Stories and Traditions are my giveaway to human beings everywhere, so that we may continue to dream the dream, and to dance the dance of Creation…”

I will not re-tell the stories in their entirety, nor claim mastery of their venerable teachings, which have been passed through the oral traditions of a wide range of Native communities throughout the world. Instead I will use the core lesson of each story to inspire the composition of monthly new moon sound ceremonies, medicine melodies, guided meditations and audio recordings.

I am working with the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers’ medicine wheel as a muse for this year’s monthly new moon sound ceremonies at La Maida Institute because its teachings, which honor and celebrate all Life, align perfectly with the core values of both La Maida and myself: Wholeness and conscious connection are the foundation for the health of the individual, family, and community.

The original medicine wheel is based on the thirteen moons of the year, with twelve positions around the wheel and the thirteenth in the center. Each of the Clan Mothers offers a particular inclusive teaching and connects to a cycle of the moon, bestowing a simple story to support our path to wholeness.

Link to digital download of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers for those who wish to follow along with me.

Meredith Barko