New Moon Mysticism

Weighs The Truth

March’s audio incantation is inspired by the unhindered perceptions of Weighs the Truth, Third Clan Mother of the medicine wheel. A true Deva of discernment, Weighs the Truth teaches the value of slowing down to notice details + distinctions that cultivate a more comprehensive understanding of ourselves and one another. Her color is earthy brown, symbolizing the rich soil that gives birth to new life.

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

  1. Headphones (The low bowl tones will not be heard through phone or computer speakers)

  2. Scent: AM: Mandarin, Grapefruit, Basil / PM: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Pachouli,

  3. Begin by laying down to face the earth, using your palms as a pillow to rest your head. Offer a few long, slow breaths into the earth, sighing out through your voice on the exhales. Once your nervous system has calmed a bit, turn over to recline comfortably on your back with your arms placed wherever feels most natural and begin the audio incantation.

  4. Once you have completed the meditation take a moment in silence to give thanks to the universe for your existence.

  5. Feel free to repeat the affirmation with me at the beginning or read it to yourself at the end...

I bring awareness into my body through breath, claiming space for nourishment and communion with the grounding pulse of Mother Earth. I slow down to digest details and distinctions that cultivate a comprehensive perspective, entraining with rhythms that expand my point of view. I embrace the unknown with calm curiosity, welcoming change and seeking clarity with unconditional love. May my thoughts, words and actions be guided by reverence for the One breath breathing us all.

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Meredith Barko
Wisdom Keeper

February's audio incantations draw inspiration from Wisdom Keeper, Second Clan Mother of the medicine wheel. Guardian of planetary memory, Protectress of sacred traditions and Defender of free will, this month's moon muse reminds us how to honor the truth within every form of Life. Her color is grey, representing neutrality and common understanding.

“Wisdom Keeper teaches us that the expansive view of the Planetary Family is key to self development and that the road to wisdom is through is experience. She shows us how to honor the truth in every race, creed, culture, life form, Tribe and Traditions by seeing the similarities in all.” -Jamie Sams

Wisdom Keeper’s affirmation + medicine melody call upon the wisdom of truth gathered from personal and collective experience:

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

  1. Headphones

  2. Scent: AM: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint / PM: Neroli, Geranium, Chamomile

  3. Find a quiet place to sit or lay comfortably. Direct palms to face upward so your body language expresses receptivity to the wisdom around and within you.

  4. Once you have completed the meditation take a moment in silence to give thanks to the universe for your existence.

  5. Feel free to repeat the affirmation with me at the beginning or read it to yourself at the end...

Ancient knowing lives within me. I create space to connect daily with the natural wisdom that comes from integrating my life experience into the present moment. I design divine timing through trust in my process. I fulfill my destiny by developing my abilities and using them to support my path to wholeness. I choose to experience life as a gift, and remember to carry this awareness through confusion, challenge and even crisis. I embrace obstacles as opportunities for self development. By walking my path and living my Truth I draw in people and animals who would benefit from all I have to offer. I am ready and willing to share my gifts with all who ask and want to listen. I claim no ownership over my Knowing System and respect the infinite, intertwining Truths of every race, creed, culture, life form, tribe + tradition. I reverberate with love.

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Read about the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers and how they inspire 2019 monthly audio incantations.

Meredith Barko
Talks With Relations

January's Clan Mother is called Talks With Relations. She is the Mother of nature who honors all forms of Life. She is the Keeper of Rhythm who teaches us how to find our own rhythm, as well as teaching us how to respect the rhythms of all things.-Jamie Sams

Below is a 12 minute soundscape with opening affirmation + medicine melody inspired by Talks With Relations, the first Clan Mother of the original medicine wheel.

Suggestions to enhance your experience:

  1. Headphones

  2. Scent: Frankincense, Cedarwood, Rosemary

  3. Find a quiet place to sit or lay comfortably. Direct your palms to face downward so your body language expresses grounding connection to mother earth.

  4. Once you have completed the meditation take a moment in silence to give thanks to the universe for your existence:)

  5. Feel free to repeat January’s affirmation with me at the beginning or read it allowed in your own time at the end.

I tune into the rhythms of my surroundings. I listen to the rhythms of the tides and to my own body's cycles. I rest when my body's rhythms are being pushed beyond their capacity to endure. I allow myself to ground into my earth body, to stand tall, to be a silent observer, to honor my surroundings, to give and receive in perfect balance. I use my intuition to support and speak my truth. I am listening.

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This soundscape was recorded live at my altar. The faint background bellows are from air traveling through the shruti box (drone sound).

Meredith Barko
Inspiration: The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

The medicine wheel of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers is based on the creed of “Life, Unity, and Equality for Eternity. I am learning from the writings and interpretations of Jamie Sams, member of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge, who was taught by her Kiowa Grandmother Wisdom Keepers. Jamie writes:

“The Thirteen Clan Mothers are the Mothers of all races and represent the healing potential present on our planet. The Knowing Systems they represent are the foundations of Truth that show us how to nurture humankind’s dream of achieving wholeness…This legacy is not from one particular Tribe or Nation…it is gathered from all places and belongs to all the Children Of The Earth…These Medicine Stories and Traditions are my giveaway to human beings everywhere, so that we may continue to dream the dream, and to dance the dance of Creation…”

I will not re-tell the stories in their entirety, nor claim mastery of their venerable teachings, which have been passed through the oral traditions of a wide range of Native communities throughout the world. Instead I will use the core lesson of each story to inspire the composition of monthly new moon sound ceremonies, medicine melodies, guided meditations and audio recordings.

I am working with the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers’ medicine wheel as a muse for this year’s monthly new moon sound ceremonies at La Maida Institute because its teachings, which honor and celebrate all Life, align perfectly with the core values of both La Maida and myself: Wholeness and conscious connection are the foundation for the health of the individual, family, and community.

The original medicine wheel is based on the thirteen moons of the year, with twelve positions around the wheel and the thirteenth in the center. Each of the Clan Mothers offers a particular inclusive teaching and connects to a cycle of the moon, bestowing a simple story to support our path to wholeness.

Link to digital download of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers for those who wish to follow along with me.

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Sagittarius 12/6/18

Arriving at 11:20pm on December 6 at 15º of Sagittarius,  the final dark moon of 2018 brings a renewal of faith in the timing of our lives and appreciation for obstacles we have endured (or have yet to overcome) as essential teachings along our path to wholeness. 

Sagittarius' steady fire lends an enthusiastic and high spirited vibe to the cycle ahead, infusing a curious confidence toward  our daily actions and aspirations.  Located in the 9th house of philosophy and adventure, the  eager archer's desire to expand through higher learning encourages mindful exploration beyond the borders of our comfort zone. 

The centaur constellation is located inside a bright star cluster with its bow and arrow pointing toward an invisible black hole at the galactic center of our Milky Way...
 It's difficult to keep both eyes steady on a hidden target.  It's easy to get caught up in the cataclysms at large.  It's impossible to remain grounded without a continual commitment to personal growth. It's important to balance individual aspirations with simple acts of creativity and community service.

This Thursday's gathering offers space to speak truth, anchor presence, summon desire + tend to our communal fire.  Join me for a warm and simple sound journey composed with crystal quartz singing bowls, medicine melody, bells, chimes, gong, drum and other musical instruments. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome!  

Preparations for New Moon in Sagittarius:

  • Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planetary symbol of expansion, faith, positivity and supreme awareness. What places and people renew your faith in life and love? What habitual contractions prevent your expansion? Create a simple, positive affirmation to repeat each morning throughout the upcoming cycle.

  • What are you ready to surrender to the fire?  What are you ready to summon?  Explore these questions in writing.

  • Light a candle in the dark and practice steady fire gazing for 5-15 minutes.  Once you have completed the meditation, take a few moments to digest the teachings of the flame.

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Scorpio 11/7/18

On November 7th at 8:01am PST, the shadow moon tide draws us into the mysterious waters of Scorpio, occult symbol of emotional intensity, passionate complexity, and pure, transformative power.🌪

Found in the  8th house of sexuality, death and rebirth, Scorpio attracts an alchemistic underworld where we are free to commune with the undiluted power of our primal nature and tap into the visceral forces that beckon evolution.

A willingness to witness the wild complexities of our ego-driven desire is integral when releasing outworn thoughts and behaviors that prevent us from realizing the changes we are ready to create. Yet we must remain awake in the dark!  Transcendence can easily lead to disillusion, distraction and inaction when we get lost in our own pain and processing... 

Goddess Kali, multidimensional force of liberation within the Hindu pantheon + death deity of Scorpio's mystic realm, is the supreme expression of conflicting impulses that both bind and free us from delusion and fear.  Destroyer of ignorance and slaughterer of ego driven desire, Kali shows up to smash boundaries and worn out structures when it is time to make room for new life.  

Kali is the face of wrath + righteous anger that continues to rise up against those who perpetuate ignorance, injustice and suffering upon the innocent. She is the uncontrollable hurricanes that continue to ravage through the Atlantic and the battleground of every bloody rebellion throughout our planet. 

Kali's shadow, when corrupted by unprocessed trauma on personal and collective levels, is expressed as the destructive rage unleashed through violent outbursts, unimaginable acts of terror and passive aggressive digs that hit us where it hurts the most.  As my teacher Sally Kempton points out, "Women, as we know, have suppressed their power for thousands of years, becoming masters of passive aggression and vicarious backstage manipulation.  So the process of finding and harnessing that energy in ourselves is fraught with missteps.  We don't always know how to separate the transformative anger that can stand against injustice from the rage of the wounded feminine, which all of us, whether we know it or not, hold in our cells."

Yet underneath Kali's merciless and multifaceted intensity lies an unconditional love that is ready to carry us through the shadows. The approaching cycle invites us to surrender fear and misguided desires into the dark night, where boundaries dissolve and the truth of who we are becoming can be fully embraced. ✨

Wednesday's new moon sound ceremony will guide us though the hidden realms of Kali's fertile void and into the threshold of new beginnings... Join me for a fierce and loving sound journey composed with crystal quartz singing bowls, medicine melody, bells, chimes, gong, drum + a very special guest musician and healer:) New moon sound ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon in Scorpio:

  • Use Scorpio's 8th house as a safe space for shadow work.  What ego driven desires and repressed emotions are misguiding your path?  What gets in the way of connecting with and being guided by your  highest essence?  What are you ready to let go of in order to embrace who you are becoming?

  • Contemplation by Sally Kempton: Consider the ways in which Kali's complex intensity shows up in your personality.   How has her energy empowered your behavior?  How has she inspired you to push the edge, in both negative and positive ways?  

  • Distill the qualities you are ready to invoke this cycle into one sentence, or even one word.  Write it down and place it on your altar, desktop, or dashboard.  Return to it every day as a guide through the season of thanks and giving.

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Libra 10/8/18

October’s new moon falls in the sign of Libra, keeper of scales. A strong symbol of balance and cooperation, Libra’s diplomatic demeanor draws attention toward circumstances and behaviors that bring our internal rhythms in and out of equilibrium.  One of the reasons musical medicine can be so potent is because it engages directly with these perceptions, awakening our senses and directing awareness toward the interplay of frequencies within and around us. 

Sound’s intrinsic power teaches us how to listen with our entire being... a carrier of subtle and radical change within our cellular, emotional and energetic bodies, resonance  reveals valuable information about the ways we resist and receive, bringing us into direct relationship with the multifaceted journey of healing and transformation.
It is a great challenge to achieve balance in a world that doesn’t always reflect it back to us.   When we become overwhelmed by the weight of the world’s discord, let us remember to remind ourselves what an extraordinary accomplishment it is to remain embodied and available to tend to our tenderness alongside a society that often devalues life and perpetuates separation.  

Airy Libra’s natural ability to lovingly embrace the duality within All animates a compelling symphony of peace and power, endearing the phase ahead with room to renovate our state of mind and space to infuse our destiny with dynamic energy and exquisite flavor. ✨

Monday’s gathering dives into these sentiments through song and sound: Join me for a fierce and gentle musical journey composed with crystal quartz singing bowls, medicine melody, bells, chimes, gong, drum, and other musical instruments. New moon sound ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon in Libra:

  • Libra’s Seventh House of Partnerships emphasizes the quality of devotion we bring toward our relations with others: Take time to consider the state of your intimate and professional relationships.  What calls for tending, revising, releasing?  What contracts need to be freed or fulfilled in order to make room for growth? What solid actions can be made to improve the quality of union within your marriage, business, friendship or any partnership  in your life?

  • Identify a conflict that could benefit from a new point of view. Utilize Libra’s innate versatility to release limiting beliefs and make rooom to explore the other side of the coin with an open mind. Then, write a letter to yourself from this alternate perspective, convicing the old version of you to percieve new understanding about who you are becoming.

  • Libra is ruled by Mother Earth’s sister planet Venus, who stations retrograde just a few days before the new moon. While beautiful Venus’s outward expression engages with the pleasurable and romantic aspects of love and relationships, her retrograde side draws us to the root of discord within our partnerships, guiding us through the necessary growing pains that lead to greater understanding. When you notice yourself holding your tongue, running away, or resisting the urge to communicate through conflict, instead take a breather, lay down your sword, and find the space for listening and communicating on a deeper level.  

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Virgo 9/9/18

September’s shadow moon falls at 17 degrees of Virgo on the eve of Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah. Virgo's devotional nature united with the contemplative energy of timeworn traditions initiate an introspective healing journey of personal transformation where time is given to reflect, reawaken, and return home to the heart.

Ingrained in the promise of a better world and genuine desire to do the work, virtuous star maiden Virgo serves to renew our inner will and awaken divine aspiration.  An earth sign ruled by Mercury, planetary symbol of learning and communication, Virgo's grounding nature compels thoughtful engagement, stimulating education, mobilization, and practical service to Mother Earth.

Ancient Babylonian grain goddess Nidoba is believed to be the first representation of Virgo, often depicted holding a spike of harvest corn in her hand. Commonly translated as "virgin", the Latin definition of virgo is in fact "self contained"...  With mythical associations to numerous life-giving deities of harvest and fertility such as Egyptian Isis, Babylonian Ishtar, Roman Ceres, and GreekDemeter, Virgo instinctively supports the infrastructure of personal growth, reminding us of our innate, self sustaining power.

The actual size of this celestial harvest goddess is beyond human perception. The largest star sign in our Zodiac and second largest in the observable sky, Virgo comprises the autumnal equinox point, at least 20 stars with planets, as well as the Virgo Galaxy Cluster, a massive group of thousands of galaxies inside a larger cluster of galaxies called the Virgo Super Cluster, which our own Milky Way is a part of! 🕸Behold the expanding web of creation in every woman!🕸
Sunday's gathering recognizes this transcendent consciousness through cosmic sound... 

Join me on a soul full song journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal and tibetan singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other musical instruments. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.   All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon September 9:

  • Clearing:  What are you ready to let go of? 

  • Invoking:  Create an affirmation to guide the new cycle, something simple to assist in activating sentiments you wish to manifest during the seasonal transition.

  • Honoring:  Make a contribution of your time, skills, or other resources to an environmental issue that concerns you....educate, donate, spread the word! 
    ((PS... come to 

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Leo 8/11/18

August 11 ushers a warm shadow moon and partial solar eclipse at 19 degrees of Leo.  One of the brightest and most clearly recognizable star signs in our solar system, heartfelt Leo's radiant character befits it's brazenly regal emblem, asserting this new phase with enterprising possibilities for rich  inner development.

Denoting a low key interlude in the midst of record breaking temperatures, the final eclipse of 2018 allocates a time of cutting the frills before fall. 

Distilled within earth's changeable form is an unwavering force that speaks to the very ground of our being.  Here we gather the will to witness where we've been, who we have become, what we are ready to build and bring to light.

A time to courageously step forward and share our gifts with the world, the flaming roar of lion season offers a shimmering moment for undiluted desires to be confidently expressed.

Yet well founded determination knows how to skillfully adapt in any circumstance, shifting tempo and technique to ensure the desired mark is made.  Have you ever observed a lioness perform for her pride? The quest is slow and smooth until perfect timing and postion are secured. 

The Lion's Gateway, a celestial event occurring on August 8th, is marked by a straight positioning between Earth, Sirius (the brightest star in our sky) and our Galactic Center.  Aligning us with the focal point of the illimitable Milky Way, this sound arrangement is one worth tuning into...

Sunday's new moon sound ceremony sings to the centermost  space that dissolves into light. Join me on a starry sound journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other musical instruments.  New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome!

Preparations for New Moon in Leo:

  • Define courage in your own words.   

  • Take a few moments in the morning during the Lions Gateway on  8/8  to meditate on our alignment with the Galactic Center.  Breath into the heightened spirit of the moment, allowing your undiluted desires to be confidently expressed.

  • What wants to be released in the coming days to make room to resonate and commune with the heartfelt energy of Leo season?  What are you ready to build and bring to light?

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Cancer 7/12/18

Thursday, July 12 brings a super moon + solar eclipse at 20 degrees of Cancer.  Pitta season’s excessive heat combined with the primal intensity of Mars retrograde concoct a spicy summer brew, compelling careful consideration toward the ways in which we approach the cycle at hand. 

With Cancer’s complicated sensitivity feeling into every aspect beneath the surface, we are given a cue to beat the heat and move inward to explore the raw components that imbue the composition of our lives. 

Crab medicine teaches us how to access the quiet wisdom of our central nature through the sanctity of solitude. As creators and guardians of our own inner sanctuary, we must learn to uphold our right to privacy without affirming habitual withdrawal as a permanent solution. Love is empowered through our vulnerability and must not be forsaken in the name of homeland security.

In Native American culture, the mysterious sea spider is the lunar symbol of our emotional body, serving as a motherly instinct to protect, nourish and sustain life.  The cooling, yin qualities of this watery moon sign invite us to embrace our ebbing nature as the birthplace of tenderness so we may dispel the barriers within our own hearts.

Next week's gathering offers intimate sanctuary within communal space. Join me on a gentle sound journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other musical instruments. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution.  All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon
In Cancer:

  • How can you work with Cancer's 4th house of family and home to identify your personal needs in regards to your home environment?   Are there shifts that can be made to improve your ability to experience sanctuary in your home, mind, heart, and general surroundings?  

  • What shadow aspects of Cancer's attributes do you relate with?  Are there any situations you habitually disengage from?  Take time to mindfully deconstruct your personal boundaries to better understand the cause and effect they have on your relationships.  

  • Explore your inner sanctuary:  Make time on the days leading up to the new moon  to retreat into your personal shell in whatever way feels natural and nourishing to you right now.   Write, read, listen to music, listen to your breath,  paint, draw...whatever nourishes your soul!

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Gemini 6/13/18

The approaching cycle welcomes a Super Moon in Gemini on June 13 at 12:43pm PST.  Lady Luna’s orbiting proximity warms our emotional waters and mingles sweetly with the discerningly dynamic star twins who lead us to Summer Solstice on 6/21.

Gemini’s compelling character brings worthy inspiration to the coming phase, cultivating fertile space for every curious intricacy of the growing process to belong. Habitual assertion transforms into extraordinary aspiration every time we open to the cosmic frequencies that transmit consciousness into truthful communication. The path of increasing light supports this glowing awareness rather brilliantly!

The download of Gemini's superior intelligence contains the essence of duality, empowering our quest for knowledge with effective, adaptable skill. Every time we exercise our right to think, process, and express our convictions, we strengthen mental clarity and embody illuminated insight for all our relations.

Let us invite the shape-shifting abilities of this mutable air sign to transmute reactionary assertions into peaceful solutions and widen perspective around circumstances that previously constricted our view.  Next week's new moon gathering will invoke the flow of insight through radiant rhythm, song + sound.

Join me on a luminous sound journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other musical instruments. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution. All are welcome! 

Preparations for New Moon
in Gemini

  • How can you work with Gemini’s 3rd House of Communication to skillfully guide your direction on the path of increasing light?  In what way can you use the power of intelligent language to work through challenges in your personal and professional relationships?  

  • Define a recurring obstacle in your life.  Describe the ways in which you are confronting this matter.  Determine what habitual attitudes can be shifted into new perspectives to create greater understanding.

  • Practice 10 minutes of free writing every day leading up to the new moon to inspire your ability to think, process, and communicate.

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Taurus 5/15/18

Rooted in the greenery of Taurus season, May’s new moon provides a rich undercurrent for patient, pleasurable growth. A true voice of reason within rising temperatures, terra-firma Taurus is a hearty role model for the upcoming cycle, invoking steadfast willpower to fortify our connection with the grounding force.

Taurus is located within the second section of the western zodiac. This House of Possessions is where we connect with our livelihood, finances, and ability to create security and stability within the material world. The 17th largest constellation in our sky, Taurus contains five stars with planets in their orbits. Red Star Aldebaran, eye of the bull, is over 500 times as luminous as the sun!

The grounding nature of this earth infused star sign is endowed with portals to unexplored galaxies. Even a faint glimpse into the infinite invites us to loosen our grip on outdated structures so we may be free to create and experience comfort within the ebb and flow of life. 

Welcoming the power of change while remaining embodied is one of the great joys of maturation. This ofcourse, takes time + trust in the process. Venus, Taurus’s ruling planet, presents a sweet invitation to reaffirm our growth practice through self-love rituals, carving out space to confidently communicate core beliefs with simple, unified expressions of body, heart, and mind.

Determined desire is a gift of the upcoming cycle, yet even the most dominating forces are destined to jangle with the ever-evolving currencies shaking up our reality. As we continue to re-define and re-create the substance of value in an ever-expanding world, let us remain true to promises worth keeping by honoring our truly existing treasures with loving attention and gratitude.

Tuesday’s gathering holds space for rooted expansion through song, silence, and sound. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of resonance on the first day of a new revolution. All are welcome!

Preparations for New Moon
In Taurus:

  • What existing relationship (with yourself, a partner, professional situation, even an object) deserves your attention? Describe a few clear, attainable ways you can nurture this relationship throughout the upcoming cycle.

  • What situations in your life could benefit from and be supported by a steady routine? What existing routines need refining or releasing?

  • Let your bare feet touch the earth, and spend a few moments here. Channel the grounding force of nature with steady, slow breathing.

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Aries 4/15/18

Sunday evening’s new moon welcomes the illuminating powers of golden ram Aries, first of the western Zodiac’s twelve-star symbols. The adventurous and energetic nature of this emboldened fire sign ignites the creative impulse of vernal season, bestowing clarity and confidence to manifest visions with loving, affirmative action. Ram also happens to be the bija mantra or seed syllable of fire, as well as the sound associated with manipura chakra, energetic wheel of the subtle body associated with activation and clear vision.

While vernal equinox arises in Pisces, many astronomers and astrologers refer to the birth of spring as the First Point of Aries. More than two millennia ago our Sun crossed the equator in Aries and was named the Prince of the Zodiac due to its conjunction with the light of the earth. First Point of Aries is also the cusp of Pisces and this balance point of Right Ascension of Meridian (RAM) is the mark of spring renewal!

Hebrew astronomy identifies Aries as the Lamb of The World or Lamb of God. The Sun’s entrance into Aries is also akin to the rebirth of Jesus, whom the Bible often refers to as Lamb of God. From an inclusive perspective, the Son of God is the Sun itself; both represent the light of truth and pure love that leads us to lasting transformation.

Across the equator, Indigenous Peruvian astronomy named the constellation Market Moonto signal the annual harvest festival.   In Greek legend Aries is connected with one of our earliest adaptations of the hero’s journey, in which rightful king Jason ventures into an unknown world to attain a golden ram’s fleece guarded by a dragon.

The process of spring cleaning rarely happens in a day and often requires an unearthing of the uncomfortable. Confronting wild dragons, skeletons in the closet and unsound relations are all necessary as we learn how to let go and fall in love all over again.

Sunday’s new moon sound ceremony carries the torch of transformation with spirit rhythms, radiant resonance, and fire chants! Join me on an empowering sound journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other instruments.

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Pisces 3/17/18

Vernal season's warm affection is endowed by the curious and gentle sentiment of stellar fish duo Pisces, symbol of the 12th and final house of the Western Zodiac. This compassionate and sweet-tempered water sign possesses an innate empathy that reverberates with the tender soul of our wild world.

The dual experience of heightened receptivity is symbolized in the two fish, often depicted swimming in opposite directions with intertwined tails. Intuitive guidance does not always translate clearly on the physical plane and has potential to conflict with practical ambition. We must continue to remember that we are the map makers of our world and possess power to dream up and create fresh pathways of integration.   

This kind of progress requires an ability to challenge resistance with great strength and sensitivity. Learning to embody the flow with a readiness to progress against the common current is a major theme of the coming phase. 

March's shadow moon cultivates the will to channel creative insight into devoted action without being led astray. Saturday's sound bath will journey into all aspects of the rebirthing process, from darkened soil to sounds of seedtime.

Join La Mer Saturday 3/17 on a celestial sound journey composed with moon gong, medicine melody, mantra, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, drum, and other musical instruments. New Moon Sound Ceremony is an auspicious opportunity to renew in rhythm and be nourished by the healing power of sound on the first day of a new revolution. All are welcome!

Preparations For New Moon in Pisces:

  • Write down one dream/vision you are ready to manifest this spring. 

  • Define healthy resistance in your own words. How do you challenge yourself to evolve? What growing pains are you experiencing in the face of change? Is there anything you are ready to let go of in order to make room for new life? 

  • Spring cleaning ritual: Put on some mood music and clear your personal space/ altar on the morning of the new moon. Then place some fresh flowers on your altar and light a candle to honor spring's awakening.

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Aquarius 2/15/18

Aquarius invites the colorful and visionary aspects of our conscious collective to unify and rise up as we move toward Lunar New Year and Spring Equinox the following month.

The celestial cup-carrier can be found pouring elixir of life into the mouth of Pisces, (fish) accompanied by other water related constellations such as Cetus, (whale) Delphinus, (dolphin) and Eridanus (the river) in what is known as the “sea section” of our celestial sphere.

Ancient Egypt associated spring awakening with Aquarius, whose vessel dipped into the Nile to bestow abundance each vernal season, while Babylonian astronomers identified the constellation with Ea, God of abundant life, who is often portrayed with an abounding chalice.

Although Greek myth portrays Aquarius as male protege of sky God Zeus, the water bearer is represented as a compassionate embodiment of Goddess’s supreme form throughout history, culture and legend. Depictions of Kuan Yin, Mary, Yemaya, and even the Star in foundational Tarot all converge within water messenger’s stream...

The collaborative and progressive nature of this free-flowing air sign inspirits our creative potential, while the vessel symbolizes a nurturance of the internal process as vital to liberation.
Awakening our true stelliform and sharing wisdom with others first requires experience of unity from within.  To be an effective advocate in the Aquarian Age we must value the ways of intimacy and nourish our journey into Self.

Aquarius’s cup running over is an expression of giving from the overflow; offerings made from a wholesome place create beautiful rhythms that lead us into harmony and understanding. To truly live our purpose we must nourish our souls and serve from the overflow with love.  <3

Preparations for New Moon in Aquarius:  

  • Fill Your Cup: brew up your favorite tea or warm drink and slowly savor every part of the experience as an expression of warm nourishment.

  • Nourish Your Inward Journey: write yourself a positive word/mantra/phrase/poem that will support your direction into the new moon cycle. Place this writing on your altar and cherish its intimacy.

  • Serve from the Overflow: make an offering to someone without expecting anything in return. It can be as simple as offering your presence, or perhaps buying someone you love flowers!

Meredith Barko
New Moon in Capricorn 1/16/18

The first new moon of 2018 appears in the Capricorn constellation and begins a progressive transition toward the Eastern Lunar New Year the following cycle.   Capricorn's sea-goat symbol dwells upon over 4000 years of mythology, with early representation as Enki, the Sumerian Sea God of wisdom, magic, and incantations who waters earth with both spiritual and economical abundance by the use of knowledge, arts and crafts. 
The Greeks identified the goat-horned creature with Pan, God of wild-earth and companion to the nymphs, whose spirits animate the world,  while Chinese connect the dots into an earthly Ox within the northern sky. 💫
The sea-goat's steady determination combined  with the intuitive fluidity of a fish shows us how to utilize our instinctually creative nature as a guide toward earthly aspirations.
Tomorrow's new moon sound ceremony infuses this steadfast earth sign with the abundantly flowing nature of its mythic roots. The following preparations serve to clarify and affirm our earthly commitments so we may be ready to receive vibrations that support us throughout the upcoming cycle. 


Preparations for New Moon in Capricorn:

  • Describe a personal or professional vision you want to manifest this year.

  • Write one word or short phrase that aligns with this vision.

  • Did you see the full moon on January 1?  Go outside tonight and find the tiny sliver of light on the eve of the shadow moon.

Meredith Barko