Corporate Wellness

SoundWorks Wellness Programs © are customized and curated to work within the context of each company's health and wellness agenda.  Individual workshops, ongoing sound meditation classes and weekend wellness retreats are available for businesses looking to create health and harmony within the workplace.    

SoundWorks’ approach integrates the evolving science of sound with practical meditation techniques to encourage stress relief on a cellular level. Singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and other instruments revitalize the mind and body to generate clarity and calm within the challenging demands of a corporate work environment. 

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Mer has added a wonderful, new dimension to our Employee Wellness Program.  Her energy, musical talents, meditation expertise, and relaxation tools have helped to create a space in the workplace for people to pause, recharge, and experience something beautifully enriching in the middle of their work day.  Mer is now an integral part of our Wellness Program. I would highly recommend her for any corporate opportunity.  -Nikki Seidlin, Endeavor


  • Beautiful sounds stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.  When this branch of the nervous system is activated, heart rhythm slows, breath deepens, and we are available to relax into more peaceful states of being.  

  • A conscious, relaxed state induces an alpha brain-wave pattern.  This causes the immune system to release molecules containing various kinds of energy, some which travel to the brain to support cranial sacral (crown to root) circuitry, assisting in the overall healing process on a cellular level.

  • Returning to a meditative, relaxed state of being opens our ability to enter the theta brain wave state, where deep spiritual insight and unity with the universe (samadhi enlightenment) occurs.

  • Healthy resonance has the ability to re-harmonize cells that have been imprinted with disruptive frequencies.  

  • Vibration effects every part of our being.