I offer two types of apprenticeships:

1) Sound Healing Training Apprenticeship combines sound healing training, energetic anatomy, introduction to Ayurveda, somatic practices, meditation techniques, voice work + optional Reiki level I attunement…

The work approaches sound medicine through the elemental body: We use the elements as a map to explore the healing power of sound and as a tool to help you discover and create your own signature style toward sound healing. You will have a chance to work with a variety of instruments so you can decide what resonates best with your style of playing. Each session begins with a Yoga of the Voice meditation and ends with a short exchange to integrate theory into practice/play and to hone in on the art of listening as both a facilitator + receiver of sound healing.

2) Sound Embodiment Apprenticeship is for those who want to develop skills toward self healing and personal empowerment. This is also for individuals experiencing grief, major life change, recovering from addiction and anyone seeking an alternative path or breakthrough to support lasting growth and transformation.

Through somatic exercises, voice work, meditation and sound medicine we strengthen connection to body + consciousness, create space to receive and channel insight, clarify and communicate truth and empower your purpose.

The tools I share in both apprenticeships are to assist in your evolution and support your path of embodiment and connection to your primal, spiritual emotional and energetic body. I am here to hold space for you to attune with your highest essence. 

For inquiries and to receive a detailed breakdown of what is included in each apprenticeship please fill out the contact form below.

My inner world completely shifted working with La Mer. She taught me so much about how to trust my process and gently guided me toward a more loving relationship with my body, heart and mind. Since our apprenticeship began I have been able to let go of a lot of emotional and spiritual baggage that had previously prevented me from moving forward. It’s amazing how my life has transformed. I feel like this is just the beginning. -Drew Scott, former student

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